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  • Featured ImageHappy New Year to all!

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    Greetings Sir Knights and Ladies

    Happy New Year to all!  Was 2014 exciting and a prosperous one for you?  Well 2015 is here and many resolutions have been made and some to be kept!  Let us start with; visitations to commanderies we have not visited regularly, provide interesting programs for our members and ladies, and pick up a member in need of a ride to our conclaves.   Increase our membership by presenting a petition for the York Rite at each Chapter Convocation, Council Assembly and Commandery Conclave next year.  This will do several things, like replace yourself; give someone for you to mentor and an opportunity to continue our work of more knighting’s of Christian Knights.  These are not just resolutions or challenges but work that needs our personal attention.

    Sir Knights we have completed our inspections and knighted many excited and willing knights let us now educate, mentor and make productive knights.  We may have to learn more to be able to teach and mentor others.  There is more outside the ritual.

    Sir Knights there is more than reading and listening to minutes and paying bills.  Think out of the asylum and to our armories.  How clean and “Good Smelling” are they, costume’s in good repair, including sandals,  do we have robes that fit well, do the wheels on the triangle roll and turn,  is the silver clean, wax on the triangle cover unsightly, the kneelers comfortable? These are what the new knights see and experience. Does he relate these to a good, well run commandery? Working on these things is better than “business”.   I mention all the above not to embarrass or put down any commandery but to provide a reason for action.  Like I said last August, “Get it done, just do it”.

    Let us reflect on what caused us to be a knight and let that be the revitalization of our Commanderies.

    Until we meet again,

    Paul W Roggow REGC

  • Featured ImageMerry Christmas from the Grand Commander

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    Sir Knights and families the Christmas season is but a few short days away.  In the birth of Jesus it was the beginning and fulfillment of prophecy.  The gifts for baby Jesus are symbols to us that giving of what is pleasant and respectful are to be imitated. Let us therefore use this season to rededicate our purposes and   practice giving gifts of charity and of kindness to those who are needful. To the receiver of gifts they bring feelings of joy and thoughtfulness. To the giver that we care and appreciate you whether you are family, friend or complete strangers. Lady Jean and I wish to each of you the

    many blessings and joys of this season and through the year.



    Paul W. Roggow, REGC

  • Featured ImageFrom the Grand Commander – November 2014

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    Sir Knights,
    Let us start with the meaning of thanksgiving according to “Webster Dictionary”:
    thanksgiving a noun, 1, a formal public expression of thanks to God. 2, an annual U.S.
    holiday the fourth Thursday of November. How different is the meaning of
    thanksgiving from 1600 until 2014? The early colonist was thankful that they had
    freedom from oppression, to practice their faith, provide for themselves the
    necessities of life, to regulate themselves as commonsense would allow. Their
    strength of purpose is best summed up by the important documents needed for long
    term success. Those documents include the “Mayflower Compact”, “Declaration of
    Independence”, “the Federalist Papers”, “The Constitution of the United States”, and
    list goes on. With such tangible things as liberty, freedom to achieve rewards for
    exceptional service and willingness to share one talents today’s society has built itself
    to the point of having many comforts of living which we need to be thankful for. The
    act of being thankful should not be expressed on only one day a year but many times a
    day during the year. Let us profess our thanks to God for bestowing the knowledge,
    incentive to succeed and our ability to enjoy our surroundings.
    Paul W. Roggow, REGC

  • From the Grand Commander – October 2014

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    Sir Knights,
    Each new generation of Templar Masonry is offered new challenges in ways to
    serve its membership. The common thread in solving each challenge is to listen to
    the needs of the present, and guide our members to a solution. This is best served
    through MENTORING. Let me ask a question “If we open a door we are expecting
    to go through it or are we inviting someone in?” When we open the door and
    invite someone in, we must ask ourselves: “What are THEY expecting? What are
    THEIR goals? What are THEIR needs? Will THEY be satisfied?” The answer to these
    questions start before a petition is received. We must prepare ourselves by
    asking: “What time have I to devote to listening to them and then mentoring them
    by wise council, adequate training and their desires. Our work should be to assist
    others in realizing and developing out united goals. We want them to have
    satisfaction for their endeavors. The lasting effect is RETENTION. When all is said
    and done, and without realizing it, we have made a friend. Is perfection of ritual
    and tactics our only goal? I hope not. Making and being a friend will accomplish
    Until we meet again, Safe Journeys
    Paul W. Roggow, REGC

  • Featured ImageFrom the Grand Commander – Aug 2014

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    This Templar Year we have been concentrating on three things – communication, membership, and our historical roots. There are other important aspects of Templary which also warrant our attention. Aspects such as quality in our ritual, and increased visibility within the general public and within Masonry. Our Knight Templar theme is Chivalry, Christianity, Templary, a way of life. We Sir Knights have to set the example.

    We must support our home Commanderies in every way possible, and wear our uniform with pride. Join those Sir Knights who are already committed to your Commandery. Develop an Esprit de Corps. Always have something going on. Hold upbeat and interesting meetings, and not just the same old routine. Build bonds and keep them intact by getting together more frequently. Have Ritual Competitions, Drill Team Competitions, and pot-luck dinners. Practice the Ritual so it is conferred with dignity, style and in an impressive way. First impressions are lasting and you get one chance to make a first impression, make it the best.

    Let’s not forget that we are about fraternalism. We are a family-oriented fraternity and our Commanderies thrive better when we include our Ladies, Sweethearts, and Families in our activities. We need also to increase our visibility in the community. Get involved with a community service project, a parade or fundraising for a local charity. Adopt families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Wear Templar polo shirts so the community will know who we are. Construct a long-range plan and stick to it. When you find problems, deal with them, don’t leave them for others. Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Justice and Mercy – live by it. Each of us is someone’s example.

    Templary is expanding worldwide: Croatia, Romania, Guatemala, Peru, Paraguay, Brazil, Panama, El Salvador, Mexico, Hawaii, Gaul (in France). Brazil alone may surpass the U.S. in membership. We too can attract new and younger leaders to carry Templary into the future. Remember the adage “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.”

    The Grand Commandery Officers and I look forward to seeing you this month at the Annual Conclave in Grand Rapids.


    Howard H. Crumit, Jr., KCT

    Grand Commander

  • Featured ImageFrom the Grand Commander – July 2014

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    Sir Knights,

    This month I would like to emphasize a distinguished program that we offer our local communities on an annual basis.  I refer to the Grand Encampment’s Holy Land Pilgrimage Program begun years ago by our own P. Fred Lesley, PGC and which has now spread across the United States.  We offer the opportunity for individual commanderies to sponsor and send their local Christian ministers to the Holy Land.

    The tour is under the direction of an experienced guide and archeological scholar with years of accumulated knowledge about the actual locations and events surrounding the very basis of our faith.  We offer an opportunity which many ministers never have available to them in their entire ministry, but which once undertaken, gives them a first-hand perspective of the very places where the events described in the New Testament occurred.  I have spoken to many Senior Pastors who would have loved to have had the opportunity to visit the Holy Land earlier in their ministry.  Sir Knights, we have the means to provide that opportunity.  Let us take advantage of it by identifying a local minister who is in the earlier stages of his or her career, and by making a joint commitment to provide that opportunity for them.

    How does your Commandery do this?  First, establish a fund for that purpose, and add to it periodically by holding fund-raising events and whatever else you desire until you have accumulated enough funds to cover the cost of sending your minister.  Once that goal is reached, approach your prospective candidate and ask if he/she would be interested, complete the necessary forms found through a link on our Michigan Grand Commandery website (mi-kt.org) and send them in.  That’s all there is to it.  After the arrangements have been made through our Holy Land Pilgrimage Committee, you visit his or her church and make a presentation at the pulpit.  You may also accompany him or her to the airport to wish them bon voyage.  There are several benefits to doing this.  (1) A team effort is required during the fund raising phase thus enhancing camaraderie within your Commandery; (2) You will have a local minister for religious observances who can relate first hand their experiences in the Holy Land; (3) You will obtain visibility for the Knights Templar within your community and thus perhaps spark the interest of potential new Sir Knights; and (4) You just might stimulate inactive Sir Knights to become involved in the effort.  Let each Commandery make the commitment now to send your minister to the Holy Land in February, 2015.

    We had twenty-eight Sir Knights in line at Grand Lodge to honor Grand Master Bill Leveque after he took his obligation on his way to the dais.  It was a fine show of support for our new Grand Master of Masons in Michigan.  See the picture on our website.

    I look forward to seeing many of you this month around the state and especially in the Upper Peninsular with the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons for our special all order day.  See our website for details.



    Howard H. Crumit, Jr., KCT

    Grand Commander

  • Featured ImageFrom the Grand Commander – June 2014

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    June, 2014

    The month of June offers us a chance to catch our breath somewhat after a particularly busy May with the new Officer Installations, and the Schools of Instruction pretty much completed.  Additionally, new Sir Knights were created at various Commanderies around the State evidencing the successful efforts of our newly re-organized Membership Committee.

    We are looking forward to additional Battalion meetings this month.  Our Battalion Commanders have been busy setting the groundwork for greater interaction among their  Commanderies, including support for each other’s activities resulting in meaningful camaraderie among our Sir Knights.

    The Yooper Council meets June 21st in Gladstone and the Grand Commandery Officers will be attending on our way back from the Wisconsin Knight Templar Grand Conclave in support of our newly installed Grand Master of Masons in Michigan Bill LeVeque.

    A return trip to the Upper Peninsula is set for July when the Grand Commandery Officers will be conferring the Orders upon ten newly made Companions of the Royal Arch.  We are working with the Officers of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Michigan on this important event and fully expect it to be a great success.  Check our Grand Commandery Website (kt-mi.org) for the details including hotel reservations and plan to join us for this ground-breaking occasion.  For some time we have been seeking to restore a meaningful presence in the Upper Peninsula where we once had ten or more Commanderies operating, and perhaps we are finally making progress.  Our Iron Mountain Outpost is active, and will be inspected this year as it progresses on its way to becoming yet another new Commandery here in Michigan.

    As Knights Templar one of our important activities is drilling and marching.  Take advantage of any parades in your area.  Contact the organizers for a spot, and participate along with the Sir Knights of your Commandery.  Let SK Ryan Groat (ryan@groatmachinery.com) know the details so he can post it to upcoming events on our website so others may join you.  Carry the U.S. Flag and Beauseant in front, and enjoy a morning of exercise and good fun.  Perhaps a float could be arranged for those not able to march.  Your participation will not go unnoticed, and perhaps inquiries by potential new members will result.  It usually does.

    Sir Knights, to get the most from your association with the Knights Templar it is important that you get out and PARTICIPATE.  Whether at meetings, orders, or social events, you get the maximum benefit by attending.  So update your calendars by checking the schedules provided by your Commandery and on the website, and we look forward to seeing you soon around our state of Michigan.

    Carpe Diem!


    Howard H. Crumit., Jr., KCT

    Grand Commander

  • Featured ImageFrom the Grand Commander – May 2014

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    May begins the Annual Commandery Installation Season. Make sure your Commandery has their Installation date and time listed on our website (kt-mi.org). Send the announcement and a copy of your invitation to our Communications Director SK Ryan Groat and he will see that it gets maximum distribution. Also, advise your Battalion Commander and Recorder of the same information so your Battalion’s Commanderies can plan to visit and lend their support as a new staff of Officer’s assume their new roles and begin to follow their recently laid plans for the upcoming Commandery year.

    If you serve on a Grand Commandery Committee, be sure and contact your Committee Chairman to find out what plans he has laid out to fulfill your committee’s function between now and the Grand Conclave in August. Similarly your Battalion should be organizing an Exhibition Drill Team and holding practices in preparation for the Annual Exhibition Drills to be held at the Grand Conclave. Drilling with your fellow Sir Knights is fun and very rewarding when you finally take to the Drill Floor at Grand Conclave and demonstrate what you have been learning and practicing for the Annual Exhibition Drills which have been a staple of our Grand Conclave, and others around the country, for as long as there have been Knights Templar here in Michigan. Talk it up and get it organized. If you need help, contact any member of our Drill Promotion Committee and they will be glad to assist. We’re looking for a record number of participating drill teams this year and your Commandery or Battalion should be one of them.

    We had an excellent turn-out of Michigan Sir Knights for the East Central Regional Conference in Lansing this year. Many friendships were renewed with Sir Knights from our other four East Central Regions’ Commanderies, and we look forward seeing them once again this year as we visit the Grand Conclaves of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. And Wisconsin as well although they are no longer in our Department, but to renew old friendships. And we look forward to their return to Michigan for our upcoming Grand Conclave in August in Grand Rapids. As a follow-up to our Department Conference, I urge you as an active Michigan Sir Knight to visit the downloads at our Grand Encampment website and take a look at the information which is available there to assist us in making continuing improvements in our great Grand Commandery, Knights Templar of Michigan. Don’t wait for someone to do it for you and relay the information, do it yourself, and do it now. Remember that old saying, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.”

    Those of us who went to Washington, D.C. and Arlington for the Grand Encampment Easter Services have returned with an ever increasing sense of respect for those brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their beloved country. The wreath was laid at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and flowers and prayers were offered at the gravesites of those deceased veterans from Michigan who are buried at Arlington Cemetery. God rest their souls.

    Once again, remember our Goals for this Grand Commandery year, Membership Stabilization, effective and continuous Communication, and increased Participation and Comradely among the Sir Knights of Michigan. It can not be repeated often enough.

    On behalf of the Grand Officers of Michigan, all the best to you and yours and we look forward to seeing you at a Commandery event soon.


    Howard H. Crumit, Jr., KCT
    Grand Commander

  • Featured ImageApril 2014 – From the Grand Commander

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    April will be a busy month for Michigan Templars.  Lexington Commandery No. 27 is conferring the Order of the Temple on April 3rd.  See our website (kt-mi.org) for details.  St Bernard Commandery No. 16 is holding a All Order Day on Saturday, April 5th.  Pontiac Commandery No. 2’s Installation is April 5th, while Port Huron’s is April 12th and Detroit’s on April 25th.   April 20th is Easter Sunday with a march up Shooter’s Hill followed by a wreath laying in Arlington and the Tomb of the Unknowns, and a recognition of Michigan Veterans at rest in Arlington Cemetery, and of course the Easter Observances at Battle Creek, Port Huron, and Grand Rapids.  We hope to see large turnouts among our Sir Knights for all of these opportunities to support Knight Templar of Michigan gatherings.  See our website for details as to how you can attend and participate.

    I was invited to attend the Caro Chapter’s 94th Annual George Washington Dinner this year and was privileged to receive an Honorary Membership.  A fine occasion, and a good demonstration of York Rite Unity here within Michigan.

    Recently I was privileged to receive an invitation to the founding meeting of the Romeo Commandery No. 6, K.T. Past Commanders’ Association.  Several Past Commanders of Romeo were in attendance, and they reviewed and approved a set of By-Laws and set the date for their next meeting.  Past Commander’s Associations are  important since they are the Sir Knights within each Commandery with experience and they as a group can be helpful in providing advice and assistance to the current officers in helping them as they plan and work their way through their year’s calendar of activities.  If your Commandery does not currently have a Past Commander’s Association, I would encourage you to take the lead, contact your Past Commanders, have a meeting, draw up a set of By-Laws, and take a more active role in supporting your Commandery.  My congratulations to the Past Commanders of Romeo Commandery for their initiative.

         Remember to support your Battalion’s Commanderies, and whenever you have an upcoming meeting or event, advise our Communications Chairman Ryan Groat at Ryan@NorthvileMasonic.com so the information can be posted to our website, and check it regularly (kt-mi.org) to keep up on current Knight Templar activities around the State.

    Remember also our goals for the year, which are Membership Stabilization, effective and continuous Communication, and increased Participation and Comradery among the Sir Knights of Michigan.

    On behalf of the Grand Officers of Michigan, all the best to you and yours and we look forward to seeing you at a Commandery event soon.


    Howard H. Crumit, Jr., KCT

    Grand Commander


  • From the Grand Commander -

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    The month of March will be unusually busy for the Sir Knights of Michigan.  We start out Saturday, March 8th at 8:00 AM with the East Central Department Conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Lansing with a dinner for all Michigan Sir Knights and their Ladies on Friday evening.  Watch the website (www.kt-mi.org) for time and place.  We have been challenged by the Sir Knights of Indiana and Ohio for the largest attendance, and since it is centrally located in Michigan this year, lets have a large turn-out and win the challenge.  See the Grand Commandery website for the details and reservation forms.  See you there.

    On Saturday, March 15th at 4 PM Michigan DeMolay and Detroit Commandery No. 1, K.T. with the support of the Grand Lodge of Michigan will present the 1926 version of the DeMolay Degree in the Asylum at the Detroit Masonic Temple.  Ladies and Guests Welcome.  Degree Work at 4 PM and Dinner at 6 PM.  Deadline for reservations is March 7th and can be made by calling the office of Detroit Commandery at (313) 831-6952.

    The third Saturday in March will feature an All-Order Day in Battle Creek., and the fourth Saturday we have scheduled the Captain General’s Workshop in Lansing.  See our website for details on both of these events.

    Lady Donna and I hope you will be able to join us for the Grand Encampment East Coast Easter Observance 2014

    Reservation forms and complete details of the week-end bus trip are on the website.  It will be an event to remember.

    Our Battalions are holding meetings and getting organized.  If you would like to help, give your Battalion Commander a call and offer your assistance.  Several Battalions have scheduled meetings and you are welcome to attend.  We can always use your assistance and some need volunteers to fill out their officer line.  Step up and get involved.  We have suggested that each Battalion organize a Drill Team and participate in the Drills at our Annual Conclave at Grand Rapids in August.  This would be in addition to the Teams already in place who have drilled regularly for years.  There is just enough time to get organized and hold practices for a six or twelve man team.  Of course, our Drill Promotion Committee stands ready to assist you.  Contact any of the thirteen Drill Committee members to get started.  Battalion Ritual Teams can be organized also to assist member Commanderys with the Orders.

    Commanders and Recorders – don’t forget to provide SK Ryan Groat with information about your upcoming activities such as Knightings, Honor Guards, Dinners, etc. so the details can be posted to our Activities List for Sir Knights around the State to see and plan to attend or participate.  (Ryan@NorthvilleMasonic.com)  Communication is the key.

    Goals for this Templar Year include membership stabilization, increased visibility, and effective communication.  I would refer you to the Long Range Planning Report published in the 2013 Proceedings for additional initiatives for this year.

    All the best to you and yours as our long winter draws to a close and Spring is here once more.  Carpe Diem!



    Howard H. Crumit, Jr., KCT

    Grand Commander