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Recipients of the Grand Encampment
COMPANION of the Temple
COT2A College of Honors established by the Grand Encampment
and conferred by the Most Eminent Grand Master
Lady Holly StewartMuskegon222016
Lady Sharon CooperDeMolai52016
Lady Sonnie BryantCaledonia 602016
Lady Valerie Eliopoulos Mt. Clemens 512015
Lady Mary Trussell Mt. Clemens512015
Lady Ann RidgewayDeMolai52015
Lady Nancy AllorPort Huron 72015
Lady Julia ChamberlinRomeo 62015
Lady Shirley Melby Howell282014
Lady Jessie Pipkin Port Huron72014
Lady Jane Kofoed DeMolai52014
Lady Diane BashoreLexington272014
Lady Jean Kinney Port Huron72014
Lady Sandy ColpusPontiac22013
Lady Joan H. Kofoed Demolai52013
Lady Stella KoppPort Huron72013
Lady Lorraine LyonsPontiac22013
Lady Ruth SnyderHowell282013
Lady Byerl FrasureSunrise342013
Lady Margaret PhauHowell282013
Lady Sandy UseryGenesee Valley152013
Lady Kristi McKaySunrise342013
Lady Bonnie GreenwoodPort Huron72013
Lady Jewell ColePontiac22013
Lady Wilma RoggowTraverse City412012
Lady Joyce StevitchPort Hunron72012
Lady Puja MullinsAnn Arbor132012
Lady Donna CrumitDetroit12011
Lady Kathy InschoLexington272011
Lady Connie TaylorPontiac22011
Lady Beverly CoolidgeJackson92010
Lady Mary Lou SmithRomeo62010
Lady Phyllis DaySunrise342009
Lady Andrea TroutmanMount Clemens512009
Lady Jane RuleAdrian42009
Lady Jan VinsonMount Clemens512009
Lady Loretta BonsallMuskegon222009
Lady Merry Jo TrumbullHowell282009
Lady Gail WinnHowell282009
Lady Frances BoelterPontiac22009
Lady Vicki IckesMount Clemens512009
Lady Doris SkrepnekGenesee Valley152009
Lady Shirley InschoLexington272009
Lady Beth HowellAnn Arbor 13 2008
Lady Louise RhudePort Huron72008
Lady Florence HerlihyPort Huron72008
Lady Ella CurtisPort Huron72008
Lady Diana ColemanMuskegon222008
Lady Joyce SpencerPort Huron72008
Lady Millie WilsonPort Huron72008
Lady Pat CossBattle Creek332007
Lady Sandy ErspamerGenessee Valley152007
Lady Doddie IckesMount Clemens512007
Lady June KruegerColumbia182007
Lady Marlene LeeperBattle Creek332007
Lady Carol LesleyBattle Creek332007
*Lady June MacDonaldMount Clemens512007
Lady Pat MillerMount Clemens512007
Lady Gayle MillsDetroit12007
Lady Joyce MurphySaint Bernard162007
Lady Susan OÕDellMarshall172007
Lady Donna CooperIthaca402007
Lady Ruth PriceLansing252007
Lady Evelyn RibbleSaint Bernard162007
Lady Grace RiceDetroit12007
Lady Bonnie SimonsLansing252007
Lady Jane WebbDetroit12007
Lady Marjorie WelchJackson92007
Lady Jeanne WhitingPontiac22007
Lady Chris HansenBattle Creek332007
Lady Judy BarnhartLansing252007
Lady Jenny BannisterGenessee Valley152007
*Lady Pat AmidonLansing252007
Lady Joanne DarlingCharlotte372007
Lady Sandy CostelloHowell282007
Lady Shirley DoverGenessee Valley152007
*Lady Josephine ParkerHowell282007
Lady Wylodean OvertonLansing252006
Lady Ruth UpdykeSunrise342005
Lady Sandy ToddIthaca402004
Lady Jane ToddIthaca402004
Lady Shirley HawnNorthville392004
Lady Beverley BladenAnn Arbor132002
Lady Adelaide LoreeGenessee Valley152001
*Lady Peg WilsonHowell282000
Lady Mary Elen PenzienBay City262000
Lady Dorothy McDonaldDurand211999
*Lady Virginia TrevithickAnn Arbor131998
Lady Mary Louise LivermoreDetroit11997

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