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Equipment Needed

1. Sunrise Commandery No. 34 is in need of a full sized Beausant.   Contact Charles Updyke, P.C., Recorder at (989) 739-5467 or email him at chuckram@charter.net
This request has now been filled.  Thank you.

2. Lexington Commandery is in need of Red Cross and Malta Banners. Please contact SK Shawn M. Bashore, P.C. at wrestlingcoach02@hotmail.com if you have any available. Thank you.>/P>

Equipment Available

1.    Lansing Commandery No. 25 has the following equipment available:  Goblets,
Candlesticks, Ewer, Candle Extinguishers, Hand-held Candle Holder, and other Triangle paraphernalia.   Contact Owen McGuigan at (517) 641-6354 or email him at OMcgg@aol.com

NOTE:  If your Commandery has excess equipment in storage and is no longer needed, it is possible that there is another Commandery in Michigan which is in need of that very same equipment or paraphernalia and is at a loss as to where to obtain it, such as Banners, Robing, Uniforms, items used on the Triangle, Swords, Chapeaus, etc. would all fit into this category.  You may be able to free up valuable storage space in your Asylum and at the same time help out another Michigan Commandery with their needs.

Similarly, if you are in need of specific items used in the conferral of our Orders, you can send a list to Howard Crumit, GG, at caonline@msn.com and it will be posted on this website.  There may be another Commandery with just such equipment available and they will be able to contact you to work out the details of transfer.  If you are able to take digital pictures and forward them via email, do so and they will be included.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to email caonline@msn.com for clarification.

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