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From the Grand Commander – November 2014

Sir Knights,
Let us start with the meaning of thanksgiving according to “Webster Dictionary”:
thanksgiving a noun, 1, a formal public expression of thanks to God. 2, an annual U.S.
holiday the fourth Thursday of November. How different is the meaning of
thanksgiving from 1600 until 2014? The early colonist was thankful that they had
freedom from oppression, to practice their faith, provide for themselves the
necessities of life, to regulate themselves as commonsense would allow. Their
strength of purpose is best summed up by the important documents needed for long
term success. Those documents include the “Mayflower Compact”, “Declaration of
Independence”, “the Federalist Papers”, “The Constitution of the United States”, and
list goes on. With such tangible things as liberty, freedom to achieve rewards for
exceptional service and willingness to share one talents today’s society has built itself
to the point of having many comforts of living which we need to be thankful for. The
act of being thankful should not be expressed on only one day a year but many times a
day during the year. Let us profess our thanks to God for bestowing the knowledge,
incentive to succeed and our ability to enjoy our surroundings.
Paul W. Roggow, REGC

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