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From the Grand Commander – October 2014

Sir Knights,
Each new generation of Templar Masonry is offered new challenges in ways to
serve its membership. The common thread in solving each challenge is to listen to
the needs of the present, and guide our members to a solution. This is best served
through MENTORING. Let me ask a question “If we open a door we are expecting
to go through it or are we inviting someone in?” When we open the door and
invite someone in, we must ask ourselves: “What are THEY expecting? What are
THEIR goals? What are THEIR needs? Will THEY be satisfied?” The answer to these
questions start before a petition is received. We must prepare ourselves by
asking: “What time have I to devote to listening to them and then mentoring them
by wise council, adequate training and their desires. Our work should be to assist
others in realizing and developing out united goals. We want them to have
satisfaction for their endeavors. The lasting effect is RETENTION. When all is said
and done, and without realizing it, we have made a friend. Is perfection of ritual
and tactics our only goal? I hope not. Making and being a friend will accomplish
Until we meet again, Safe Journeys
Paul W. Roggow, REGC

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