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Southeastern Michigan Battalion

Detroit Commandery No. 1
Adrian Commandery No. 4
Ann Arbor Commandery No. 13
Monroe Commandery No. 19
Northville Commandery No. 39
Ypsilanti Commandery No. 54

2014-2016 Southeastern Battalion Officers thumb

York_rite_tran Battalion Commander – SK Brandon Mullins, PC – Ann Arbor No.13
Battalion Captain General –Abraham S. Albert, PC – Detroit No.1
Battalion Prelate – SK Carl D. Rufus, PC – Ypsilanti No. 54
Battalion Recorder – SK David W. Dossette, PC – Northville No. 39

Southeastern Battalion Order Corps

The Southeastern Battalion has been requested by our Right Eminent Grand Commander to take an inventory of our ritualists and see where we may need improvement, and who within our battalion may able to assist in conferring the various orders. Please fill out the form below or follow this link: http://goo.gl/forms/wQr1kZGJe2Read More - Click Here

Southeastern Battalion Drill Team

The Southeastern Battalion is looking to reassemble its legendary drill team. If you’re interested sign up below, or at this link: http://goo.gl/forms/ubRy8rdLa8Read More - Click Here

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