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West Michigan Battalion

Demolai Commandery No. 5
Muskegon Commandery No. 22
Lansing Commandery No. 25
Caledonia Commandery No. 60

Cross_and_Crown_002 Battalion Commander – SK Daniel Stewart, PC – Muskegon Comm. No. 22
Battalion Generalissimo – SK Harley Ridgeway, PC, Demolai Comm. No. 5
Battalion Captain General – SK David Seyferth, PGC, Muskegon Comm. No. 22
Battalion Prelate – SK Edward James, Demolai Commandery No. 5
Battalion Treasurer/Recorder – SK Eugene Hoisington,Caledonia No. 60
Designated Grand Officer – GCG – SK Donald L, Trumbull, GCG

2014-15 Demolai Commandery # 5, Officers

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Honor Guard for Jobs Daughters

In the picture are Sir Knights from Lansing #25, Howell #28 and Grand Commandery who took Part in the Honor Guard and the Grand Bethel Honored Queen, Senior & Junior Princesses and the rest of the Jobs Daughters who did the Lighted Cross Ceremony.Read More - Click Here

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